NATSUMIKUMI MATERIAL is proud to introduce its unique collection of business cards holders.

The designer has assorted traditional Japanese patterns and colors to create an original lineup of Washi paper card cases.

NATSUMIKUMI MATERIAL stationary goods use the same beautifully handmade Washi paper as the wallpaper and fusuma for an elegant and timeless result.


We do recommend that your treat the paper with the konjac paste for a truly authentic Japanese style.

In the past Washi paper made umbrellas and raincoats were treated with konjac paste to make them more durable and resistant to tears.

The crumpled finish is a traditional feature of Washi made products.


Business card holders specifications:


Size: W11cm x L 14.1cm  / W9.8cm x L5cm for the pockets

Material: Washi Japanese paper

Capacity: 20~30 cards per pocket depending on the cards thickness

Info on how to use the konjac powder:


  • Crumple up the  card holders, then apply the konjac paste.

    Repeat the process as many times as needed to achieve the wanted result.

    Usually two or three times are enough to obtain a traditional leatherish finish.

    The washi paper name card holders come in set of five.

    With time the paper will gain a leather like feel but will not tear thanks to the konyaku starch treatment.