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About the konjac paste:


The konjac powder comes in a bag folded like traditional Japanese medicine bags.

Be careful when opening the bag not to spill the powder.


Mix the powder with 100ml of water, stir a couple of times, let it rest for three to six hours and the paste will reach its optimal viscosity.


Apply the paste with a brush or directly with your hand.


When still wet the paper will take a dark hue and become glossy after drying.


The top image shows the paper without konjac paste.

The bottom image shows the paper with konjac paste (applied five times).


You can keep the paste in the refrigerator for two to three days.


Applying konjac paste to the paper will give it strength and wear and tear resistance.


Konjac paste will not make the paper waterproof or give it any water repelling qualities.


The konjac powder is not sold separately.


The konjac powder is not edible.

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